24 February 2017

Mensa International Positions/Committees Open for Appointment in 2017

If you are interested in serving Mensa International in an appointed position, now is your opportunity to apply. These positions are open to all members worldwide. All are for terms of two years (unless otherwi- se stated), the term commencing after the IBD meeting in France in October 2017.

The following International positions/committees are due to be appointed in 2017:
- Constitutional Review Of cer
- International Ombudsman (3-year term)
- International Supervisory Psychologist (Quali cations required/3-year term)
- Awards Committee member (Mensa International chair and past chair are members ex of cio) - Licensing Advisory Committee: members and chair

- Web Board: members and chair
Members currently serving in a position or committee due to expire in October are requested to reapply

if they wish to continue to serve in that role.

The application form is available on the Of cers/Appointees page of the members-only section of the Mensa International website at (you must be logged on). Job descriptions for each position are linked to each role/committee. Both form and/or job descriptions are also availa- ble from the Mensa International Office by emailing or by post to the address given on page 2.

Applications for the above posts, must be received by June 30, 2017 and must be sent to the International Office (, copied to the Director of Administration (admin-mil@ mensa. org). Those who apply, whether appointed or not, will have their interest noted for future reference as there may be other ways in which they can help Mensa International.


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