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24 September 2011

Japan Mensa has received Full National Mensa status. 

13 September 2011

Mensa celebrates its 65th birthday with Brilliant events around the world.

21 June 2010

Members are invited to apply for a variety of International officer and committee roles.

28 July 2009

British Mensa welcomed Elise Tan-Roberts to Mensa in April, and at 2 years and 4 months she became Mensa’s youngest ever member.

15 July 2009

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation announces that Birmingham freelance journalist and teacher Chris Copeland will be honored with the 2008 Mensa Press Award. This national award is presented to one individual each year who shows excellence in writing about intelligence and human giftedness. Copeland won the award based on his feature, The Art of Smart, published in the July 2008 Birmingham Magazine. Mensa Region 5 Vice Chairman Nick Sanford presented Copeland with the $1,000 award today.

15 July 2009

Judy Scruggs, a Virginia elementary school teacher, has been honored with the Mensa Education & Research Foundation’s Distinguished Teacher Award. She was nominated for the award by a Mensa member and former student, Dr. Stephanie Elzy. Scruggs was Elzy’s second grade teacher, and taught her subjects such as reading, writing, spelling, English, mathematics, science and social studies.

15 July 2009

American Mensa, the high IQ society, announces the 2009 recipients of the Mensa Select seal. The Mensa Select seal signifies that a game has been chosen as one of the top five new games in a given year by members of American Mensa.

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