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Members only.  Please use the form below to apply for your Mensa International login. Please ensure you enter your first and last (family) name in the correct boxes and state the group you belong to. Your name must match with your national group's record. 

Once you have finished, and your membership has been verified, your User ID (including your password) will be emailed to the address you gave. Use these to login. Your membership is either verified automatically, or manually by your National Mensa group.   

Notes to Members

  • You must be a member of Mensa to register. 
  • Some Emails will not work - see below
  • Mensa Malaysia - do not enter M/ - use number only.
  • MinD - add 049 in front of your membership number - no spaces. 
  • Mensa Sweden - omit SE and enter membership number only.
  • Mensa The Netherlands - add NL in front of your membership number - no spaces.
  • Mensa France - do not enter M - use number only. Reminder: in English, First Name = Prénom
  • Mensa Switzerland - if your name contains diacritical marks, please use them.
  • Mensa Norway - do not enter NO, only your membership number
  • Mensa Denmark - first sign in to your national site and follow instructions there.
  • Members in China - enter International as your national group. Omit MC and enter membership number only. 

If you are a current member of Mensa and are having problems logging in, please email: user support @ mensa . org (no spaces).  Members of Mensa India - please contact your national office. 

If you are asked for your "National Group Password", you enter the password you use to log in to the web site for Mensa in your home country. If you do not have one, then you need to register for your home country's web site before registering here.  

When you register or use the Forgot password option, an email will be sent to you. However we are aware that these emails are being blocked by the following (and possibly other) ISPs:, and other GMX email addresses, and

You should NOT use these as your email. If you don't already have an alternative, consider setting up a gmail or account.



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