02 November 2016

Hotel Crowne Plaza Palace, Brussels

Saturday 19 of November 2016

from 8h15 to 19h45

2016 marks 50 years of the creation of Mensa Belgium and 70 years of Mensa International.

This day of 19 November, called Intelligence Day marks the start of a year of celebrations.

Mensa Belgium has organized in Brussels a day of lectures and workshops on the theme "The gifted child and the adult he/she becomes".

Scientists and experts will take stock of what science can say about the HQI (High Intelligence Quotient). The conferences will be simultaneously interpreted in French, Dutch and English.

Similar to the TEDx conferences, the purpose of this day is to provide the public with specialized information on the high potential, going further than the usual conferences.

Those lucky enough to be present enjoy a day in a prestigious setting with outstanding international speakers, the majority of whom are scientists. If you cannot attend, you can enjoy free videos, slides and abstracts when speakers give permission for us to broadcast.

Program of the day:

7 speakers, 3 lectures, 2 workshops, 1 panel discussion

followed by a cocktail with proclamation of Mensa Be Games Awards 2016.


Canada, Laurent Mottron PhD, MD; France, Dominic Sappey-Marinier PhD, MD, PhD Nicolas Gauvrit Maud Besançon PhD; Belgium, Stijn Smeets PhD, clinical psychologist Pierre Debroux; Netherlands, Lotte Van Lith coach for HP.

Info and registration contact Thierry Marchand at:

Thierry Marchand is a member of the Mensa International Gifted Youth Committee as well as being responsible for Gifted Youth Belgium Mensa and responsible for the 50th anniversary celebrations.



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